Need to be able to NOT alert Patrons when creating a new post

Some of my posts are only for patrons at a particular level. But I CAN’T create a $1 post without the $10 people getting an e-mail.

This is a big problem.

I need to be able to select who sees my posts when I post them instead of EVERYONE at a certain level and above automatically


Agree with this.

Sometimes you just need to message patrons at a specific tier. For people with physical rewards (like me), I want/need to be able to let them know when things have shipped for them specifically.

You can actually do this: message people on a specific tier (in the patron manager). What you can’t do is NOT message all above patrons when you create a lower post.

Oh, wow. Great to know. It would make a lot of sense if this was baked into, you know, Messages and Posts, too. I would never have found that otherwise. Thanks!

It would be nice to have an option to not alert any patrons at all when posting. I would like to make some posts that are just info posts to link in my intro, but I don’t want everyone or anyone getting an email for them.

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