New Community: Let's Reach Our Goals!

Hi creators! I hope you are all well! :blush:

I’m starting a new discord community for artists who are struggling with procrastination. The goal is to help and encourage each other to stick to our goals, boost each other and just be moral support for each other. There will also be a few exercises, lessons and resources I’m working on developing as tools.

It’s brand new and only being developed right now so I’m only accepting 10 members total at the moment, both to be able to develop it slowly and surely and to be able to have a tight group and not a chaotic server. This means I only want people who plan on participating regularly (any members who I feel is very inactive will be removed).

We’re currently only accepting visual artists that create digital, non-textual art (drawings, paintings and illustrations).

If this is something you’re interested in please DM me (on the forums here or on discord: OdeChan#6767):

  • your art portfolio (can be a personal website, IG, devianart, etc.)
  • your patreon page
  • you discord username
  • If you have one - a little description of what is your current goal (it can be anything you wish to achieve in your art career, no judgement!)

Please note it might take a little while to get a response to your DM and that DMing doesn’t guarantee acceptance to the community, since there are only a few slots left. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t work out, but I would love to help anyone who seeks help anyways :pray: