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I’m not exactly sure how to get patreons. While I love doing what I do I don’t quite have any ideas on how to get patreons. Got any suggestions?

hi naomi

i took a look at your page, and have a couple notes of advice.

i think overall, it’s confusing about what exactly you’re offering your patrons. you say you make songs and art and books, but your description is empty of any examples of your work. and your tiers say “voting power” and “full library access” but again, what are they voting on? what is your full library? i’d recommend checking out the pages of other artists & musicians to get inspiration about how they organize their page or what kind of rewards they offer. really nail down exactly what it is you want to give to paying fans.

and my second and much bigger note of advice is to grow your audience. before you can convert your fans to paying members of your patreon, you first need to grow that fanbase. whether that’s youtube, instagram, twitter, tumblr, ect. focus on posting there first and getting people to follow or subscribe before you get them to pay. statistics show that somewhere around .2% of your audience will convert to a paying member. this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but more of a guide to give you an idea of what to generally expect based on your audience size.


This is actually a really helpful answer. Thank you so much

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Hello team of Patreon (I hope) or anyone who can help me, I’m a new creator here on Patreon as a writer, I’ve tried advertising my Patreon on all the social media’s but gained zero patrons and no likes on the posts, is there any other way to advertise my Patreon? If my pledges are unclear or could be better please do let me know as I do want to improve as much as possible

I think the post @simrell made above yours applies to your page as well. I’d check it out, make those adjustments, and keep at it.

This is work that can take years. Unless you already have a large or dedicated following, don’t expect success over night.

Good luck!


yeah, same advice as i offered above @nickolas.trowell

addtionally, your tier prices are a bit higher than what other authors offer on patreon. $52 is a lot to pay MONTHLY for a shout-out. again, i’d recommend looking at what similar creators to you are offering.

you also don’t have any social media linked on your patreon, so i can’t see where or what your fanbase is like, but make sure to focus on growing your audience first and foremost. patreon is not a social media website, people won’t just discover you. creators of all types need to rely heavily on marketing in order to make patreon work.


@simrell @sambeawesome thank you both for chiming in with some sound advice!

@Naomip and @nickolas.trowell, welcome to Patreon! We have Demo’s every Monday to help new creators not only understand the Patreon platform, but where we share best practices and tips for getting your page started. :slight_smile:

Check out the December events schedule here:

Hello, I have the exact same question - any specific tips for me?

I think the same advice already stated here applies to your page as well. Definitely check out Patreon’s own articles too for more advice.

yep same tips as above.

your page is extremely vague. there are no examples of your work, no details on your rewards, no goals, nothing about you. it almost looks like you didn’t fill out your patreon at all. try to get an idea of what to offer paying fans by looking at other musical creators on the platform.

and i think specifically, you need to have content. your twitter, insta, youtube all only have ONE post. you need to make stuff first. then you need to grow your audience.

i feel the pain of a new creator cause i am to plus dong a discord as well but most i came up with is advertise mostly im gunna once i hit 100 people and find the most solid active ones in discord ill do a give away