New Discord Group for Patreon Advice and Consulting

(Sorry I hope this is in the right category)
Hey guys I recently made a Patreon Advice Discord Group.

This group is specifically for sharing patreon advice and tips to help creators grow their Patreons if they are stuck or struggling. I have channels that lists out a bunch of advice for, marketing, how to gather followers, and what rewards work well for different kinds of Patreons etc.

I also give free personal one on one consulting if anyone @ messages me on there and I’ll look over your Patreon and write up a personalized Patreon Strategy for you if you want. I’m a full time Patreon creator I just want to help out other creators if they are struggling with their own Patreon. It’s free don’t worry
So check out the group if it’s something you may be interested in :3



@Momo! Your Discord is an incredible resource. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all and for being so generous with your time.

@apuig from our creator success team will be reaching out to you soon to chat further and offer support, if it’s ever needed.