New Logo Is Too Simplified

While I enjoy the new look of the Patreon site I must say the new logo is quite horrendous. A line and a circle, snore! The previous logo had already grown quite iconic and had a beautifully unique style that said “Patreon”.

The new logo looks so generic and simplified I’ve seen a large number of twitter posts mimicking the shift of logos with other brands by simplifying them to basic shapes.

I’m not sure if my words will carry to anyone that has the power to do something about this but is in my and many other’s opinion that the logo should go back to how it was prior to the latest style update.

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I do somewhat like the elegance of the expanded versions (the Patreon and the bar - Patreon |) but I do agree that I’m not overly fond of the new one. The last one definitely had an iconic air, while this one doesn’t feel very distinctive, and the color palette seems harder to use effectively.

This is my personal opinion:

I am not an artist. I haven’t got the slightest flair of art in me. I do not understand art.
To me signs/icons/graphical language is a form of communication, not identification (I do not feel any emotional disagreement with a big yellow double swing “M”).

Therefor a sign/logo/icon has to transport information, if I am to consider it useful/good/helpful/appealing.

What does a redish block with a bar and a circle tell me? Simple: Nothing. I don’t read “Patreon” in there. I do not see any logic, any sense, any meaning at all in it. This is not a critique, it is simply stating the fact that this “logo” is telling me nothing, I can not recognize it, I do not see any meaningful content in it.

I don’t mind it being used. But I do not identify the logo with the company or their service, because there is nothing in the logo to be identifyable. I could use a triangle and a zig zag line and pretend “that’s the new Patreon logo” and it would probably mean just as much to me.

Again: Not a rant. Just feedback from someone who does not understand art as a self-serving purpose.


When the new branding rolled out, I posted the logo on Facebook, without saying what it was, and asked people what they thought it might be.

My favorite, from one of my students: it looks like a place setting. It’s a plate, and silverware rolled in a napkin on a placemat.

Patreon. The place for all your decorating needs…


Agree. Old logo back please.

To me the new logo communicates forward thinking, simplicity of platform, certain minimalism. the circle is a symbol that represents a closed loop, a hermetic atmosphere - needed for a creator needing inspiration in her own time, own space, own silence. a simple line next to it is a tool, a direction, a support, perhaps like baton, a bat, with which to hit and propel ideas in the circle like a ball into the open wide of public space (or into a game). both of these elements are supported by another circle that makes a union, another support of both these tools, a platform.

when i first saw the old logo, i was like “what is this?” it didn’t say anything much… just a rounded P. change is always difficult. i like the new logo. it will stick, i’m sure.

just my opinion, i’m not a visual artist, just a musician.

I AM an artist and one that’s worked in branding and graphic design too. The new logo is ugly. I’m going to keep using the old one on my links and patron content watermarks. My patrons even agree that they prefer the look of the old logo.

The new logo is totally sterile and has a terrible silhouette. You can try to explain it away with a bunch of postmodern gobbledygook, but the fact remains it’s completely generic looking and entirely forgettable. The old logo was similarly themed, but had a UNIQUE and DISTINCT silhouette that was very easy to identify. What’s more the old logo worked in any color, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find the new logo recognizable without the midnight blue and orange colors to back it up.


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