New Patreon App

So the new app took away the combined artist feed (where all the artists you supported showed up in order of when they last posted) and… I now find it unusable? Am I the only one? Clicking on every artist to get the update from them is really tedious if you’re supporting more than a handful of people.

Did I miss some way to combine all my artists’ updates so I could see them in chronological order again? Or am I going to have to resign myself to ignoring all the notification bugs and using the website to keep up with creators?


100% agreed. Having the option to view the list of artists individually is great but it shouldn’t be the only way. It’s terribly ineffective by itself, especially if you watch lots of people. (let alone that after i view about 4 people, the app crashes on me and i have to start it up again and it happens each time. It seems to just overload itself.) I miss the primary feed and it kept things unified across the app and browser too, which made it easy to understand upon first use.

@carla @mindy