New Patreon Changes - Tier Choices instead of by $ amount, Yay?

Hi folks!

I’m sure most of you go the blog update last night about the new features! One is the editing in app which is a YAY from me (really annoying that we’ve not been able to edit in app until now, so THANK YOU patreon!), but the one I’m quite interested in is this:

VERY exciting to be able to have multiple tiers at the same price. HOWEVER there is one thing I’m concerned with. I have a few patrons who have previously signed up at tiers that either have been grandfathered or they are in an unpublished tier OR they signed up at a specific tier (let’s say 10) and paid more. Does this mean that these people won’t get to see the posts? Do I have to ask each of these people who are unassigned to choose a new tier level and potentially lose quite a large chunk of income in the process (for instance I have an unpublished tier at $15 who have stayed there who would then need to either go to $10 or $30. Now, they’re not going to go to $30 i’m pretty sure).

What is everyone else doing about the change?


I too would like to know this. In my case, I have a Patron who is pledged at the highest tier, but added another $50 to her pledge to add more rewards. Will she no longer see the posts for her tier? Do I have to make her her own tier?

The wording on the update is quite confusing


Hi there!

You will be able to post to unpublished tier! So your patron at $15 unpublished tier don’t need to move.


Hi there,
Your patron who pledged at highest tier (let’s say tier “super-duper”) and added extra $$ on her pledge amount for you will continue to see all posts associated to the tier she’s in. This is one of the grand benefit of posting to tiers - if she’s in a tier she gets the message posted to that tier, no matter what $ amount spent.

Hope this helps!


Question: It said in the email that if patrons have selected no rewards then they will not see tier specific posts. Does this mean they will also not see posts if I set them for ‘all patrons’?


Thank you so much for the reply! It is a relief!
But if that is the case, can you give examples of cases in which patrons wont see the posts for their tier? I’m still a bit lost about the meaning behind that specific part of the announcement, with regards to people who are “overpaying”.

Ok great thank you

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Yeah I would like to know this too, so anyone who has chosen ‘no reward’ will not get any notifications of posts even if they are paying equivalent to posts which do get rewards?

Since there’ll be more options for tiers and duplicate tiers, one thing I want to know: how’s the backwards compatibility handled for new tiers?

I take it old posts will default to a “tier X and up” distribution when the system goes live, for existing tiers. But, if I have a $5 tier currently, and I make a new $5 tier, will the new one have access to the same stuff as the original $5 tier? Or will they only see old posts marked ‘patrons only’?

I’m planning on doing a split in tiers so people who don’t want to see NSFW content don’t have to, but I want to make sure they still have access to older posts. I have over 1300 posts on Patreon in total, so manually editing things isn’t viable for me

There’s definitely some specifics I’d like to alter either way for my existing posts but the only way I could feasibly see doing so would be with a mass post editor. :V Which is another feature I really want to see. But for now, for any staff that can respond, what are the planned defaults for making new roles after the update?

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Cripes, I’d not thought of that at all. I’ll be interested to see the replies!

@thaniya Tagging you in case you missed these questions.

It just looks like more work for me :frowning: When I write a Patrons-only post, I make it for all tiers from the lowest ($3) and up. I don’t write this post for one tier and that post for another tier.

As of now, I can do what I need just by checking the $3 and up box when I publish the post. Under the new scheme it looks like I’m going to have to check all the boxes - is that correct, or am I missing something?

In any case - my answer to the Yay or Nay question is a big fat MEH. Sorry, but I’m not thrilled by this :confused:

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Yeah that will be the case for me too, having to tag all of them. Maybe a good option (if it was possible) was if each one of us could choose whether we could stick with just using the system we have now, or have it as the individual tear selection.
Still, I don’t know how many tiers you have but it’s not going to be that much work to tick a few boxes really. I think the flexibility it brings is a great idea.

I’d love it if I could just stick with the current system, and let those who want it go to the new one - that would be the best of both worlds.

As for how many tiers I have - let’s just say it’s more than I want to check each box for! :wink:


I sympathize! Been feeling the same way. We’re also concerned with messing it up, and with patrons who won’t get their rewards because they are in no tier or the wrong tier. We have 2 campaigns, one in which it will be more of a problem than the other, and we have been trying to contact the patrons that will be affected by this, but haven’t heard back from any of them. :frowning:

Wow, how do you keep on top of them all? What kind of thing do you make?

Thanks for all the questions! I was able to get some time with the product team to get you answers :slight_smile:

They will see them if set to “all patrons”.

If a patron is pledged to a tier, they will see everything that is posted to that tier, regardless if they are “overpaying” for that tier. For example, if a patron is in the $5 tier but actually paying $8, they will see everything that is posted to the $5 tier.

Correct. If a patron chose no reward even if they are paying an amount that you have a tier for, they will not see any post. We encourage patrons to choose a tier if they want the rewards that come with that tier.

All posts that have been made in the past and have $5 associated with them will continue to have $5 attached to them. Any patron who pays that amount will always be able to see these posts. This may make your life easier if you want to control content via tiers as now you’ll be able to control the content more as you’ll be able to post to tiers specifically. So you could have a $5 cat tier and a $5 dog tier and keep the content separate, only delivering cats and dogs to those who want to see them.

We encourage creators to contact patrons if they have patrons who are not in any tier. Creators who have patrons in no tiers have been emailed with some suggested copy to help with the transition but the amount of patrons who are not in any tier is very low.

There will be a button that says “all patrons” and that will check all the boxes for all your tiers so you won’t need to check them all.


@mindy thank you so so much!

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Sorry, just ensuring I understand.

Previous posts will be associated with the tier amount they were set to. So $5+ will turn into just $5 able to see It?

Or will it also auto choose the higher tiers as well since it was meant for 5+? If it doesn’t auto fill higher that’s going to make my life a living heck… I’ll have to go through over 1k posts to fix them so higher folks can still see them xD

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mindy, that wasn’t the question I had. My issue is: I set my Patrons-only posts for every one who pledges $3 and up. That include about 5 tiers in all.Patrons who pledge less that $3 aren’t in any tier.

If I check “All Patrons” then those who pledge $1 or $2 would get to see the posts, but they’re not in any tier that’s supposed to get the post. Unless I check 5 boxes every time. That may not sound like much, but to me it’s just extra effort, especially now when I can just check the $3 and Up box and get the access I want for the post.

So, under that new system, I would either have to include everyone, even if they’re not in a tier at all, or check 5 boxes when now I can check just one and get the same results. That’s the problem.

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