New Patrons Today Not Showing in Relationship Manager or Total Count

I received an email for three new patrons today, one of whom changed his pledge and I received an email for that as well. However, these new patrons are not showing in my Relationship Manager nor toward my total patron count.

I did a search for their emails, as the notification sent to me via email includes them, and they aren’t anywhere, but they are showing on my notifications list. Usually when a patron pledges support and then deletes their support, even if it is back-to-back, I still end up with them showing in Relationship Manager as a former patron, and they do NOT appear in the notifications list if it happens the same day.


I have this same issue every 1st of the month. It takes a while for them to show up unfortunately.

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Oh you’re right. I can see them now. I didn’t know that was going on. Thank you for the info!

Thank you, @ArtwithFlo!

@Scarlett - hope everything is reporting accurately now! Let me know if you run into any thing else.

I’ve repeatedly had the same problem. Not listing new patrons on the first is a serious problem whether or not it clears up in 24 hours. If I get the “you have a new patron email” (which still doesn’t tell me what tier they’ve selected) then there should be a way to immediately confirm that they are a Patron and what tier they’ve selected no matter what day it is. This is a bug that needs to be given a high priority.


Completely agree with neil. The API is down right now, so new pledges aren’t getting processed, the email notifications aren’t working consistently, and I can’t find new supporters in the Relationship Manager, so I have patrons asking me to help them out when I’m not getting any information from Patreon regarding their pledges. Can we get some new talent working on the API/email/web teams to get these things finally fixed?

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Hi @Scarlett - I know we addressed the email notifications in a different thread, but I wanted to address the PRM issue. With our new PRM filters & shortcuts, you can can now sort and search patrons by join date - by this week, last week, this month, last month, or even look up a custom date range. Is this filter not showing you new patrons correctly?

The filter is showing my patrons correctly, it’s just that on the first it does not display patrons correctly, and I have occasionally had times when I received no notifications of new patrons.

I feel like the whole system has gone crazy. Last night +/- 200 patrons were added to my account and I have no idea where they came from. These aren’t new patrons. What’s happening?
Also, the numbers in the Relationship Manager and Pledge Growth are different. There’s a difference of 26 patrons at the moment :confused:

After joining the Discord, I noticed this forum is much more neglected in comparison. Anyway, there is a bug going on and “they’re working on it”. Many others are experiencing it as well.

Update from Reyna on Discord:

Hey all - I want to start by saying thank you for bringing the off patron count to my attention. This was a change I wasn’t aware was going out so soon and you all caught it really quick. I spent last night and this morning getting in touch with the product team, support team, eng. team and a few others so I could get back to you with all the right info. Basically, this is not a bug. This was a change that was made intentionally, so creators could see their active patron count instead of an estimate. Now, the homepage patron count matches what you see in PRM. ‣ The Patron count and earnings estimation on your creator page include all active patrons with access in the current month. ‣ This number includes all patrons whose access has not expired as a result of cancellation. ‣ Patrons in a declined state are not included in this count to ensure that the number you’re seeing is not inflated. We’ve updated the Help Article: Understanding the numbers listed on my creator page with all of this information as well, under the section: After the 1st, why did my number change? I deeply apologize for the confusion but I hope this is a helpful change for creators. See the HC here → Understand the numbers listed on my creator page – Patreon Help Center

But with all that said – I also want to say that I am 1,000% aware of the conversations and sentiment around our product and overall communications about changes. I don’t take this feedback lightly and I’m working right now with our product team on an update about the changes we made in 2020, and a look ahead for updates in 2021. Thank you again for pushing us to be more direct in our communication.

And on that note - I’ll be posting some updates in the forum today about Merch for Membership, Messaging, and of course, the new patron count. Like I said before, we’re working to improving our overall communication but I still want to get info out to you all as quickly as I can. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for dropping that here :slight_smile:

I strongly suspect that’s because it’s MUCH more difficult to find past problems/complaints/bugs on Discord than here. Pushing people away from this forum to Discord is a way to have complaints lost in the volume of ever-scrolling posts.

Yes, it’s ‘real time’ but it’s MUCH harder to follow a thread on Discord than here. And much harder to point someone to a thread to discuss a specific bug/complaint.

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Hello. I’m late to this topic (again), but am experiencing the same thing. I got a notification of a new patron, but cannot find the person in my relationship manager or find a way to send the patron an email welcoming them.

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I’m having the same issue as well

two new patrons aren’t counting towards displayed total and are not searchable as they should be
They both subscribed on the first of May

I was hoping this would clear up after the first but it hasn’t

I have exactly the same problem

I’m having the same exact problem. Today is my launch day and it shows I have 0 patrons (I have 7). I can’t find anyone in my relationship manager. The amount of money is being displayed on but not my patrons. The only way I can access who are my patrons is by downloading the detail CSV. Please help!

I’ve seen this on the 1st of the month (sometimes lasting to the third of the month) due to billing being in process.

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