New Post Suggestions Thread

One of the biggest and most important functions on Patreon is the ability to create posts, whether it is to patrons or the public. It’s a way to connect with your fans, update your patrons, publish rewards and more. I feel that it is also one of the more problematic areas in Patreon (I’m sorry, Patreon staff, you’re awesome and I love you!).

Here are a few things that I think the post creation function needs:

  1. Easy switching between post types - let’s say you started writing a new post using a text post, you have already formatted it nicely and all…and then you decide to add an image? you have to go and create a new post, choose image post and copy the text you wrote in one editor to the other. Ok pretty simple… but what if you have already published the post? Now it’s a problem. It’s not possible to change your post to an image post after publishing. For the life of me, I do not understand this, especially since in an older version of the new post page, this very thing was possible, all the options were on one page and there was no need to choose. This was great and I would love that back.
  2. Paste image from clipboard - many services already have this - Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more - the ability to paste an image into your post from clipboard. Small functionality that makes a lot of difference.
  3. Text customization - being able to use font colors, font sizes, ordered lists, multiple indention in lists, strike through, etc. These are our pages and our post and we should be able to decide how to format them in a way that fits our styles.
  4. New post auto-save - This has hurt me a lot, but I also found way to deal with this - auto saving of post can save lives. This is no longer an issue for me since I started using Typio chrome add-on, but if this add-on ever stops functioning, I would be sad to lose progress of patreon post in case of a computer or browser crash.

Thoughts from anyone else? Any other changes to the post creations page you would like to see? :slight_smile:


Hey @OdeChan, thanks for all these suggestions! Have you seen the posts in Open Studio? 2 out of 3 design previews have featured improvements to posting content - we’re actively investing in that because we know that it’s a primary way for creators to successfully deliver content to their patrons and we can do better! I’ll pass these suggestions on to the product team too :slight_smile:

These are great suggestions. I especially like the auto-save request, as I lost a post previously, and started saving drafts midway through but it’s a hassle…

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Bumping this because the “New Post” is still a bummer to work with.

I know some additions other suggested was a “duplicate post”/“new from template” button.

I want to add that it’s currently impossible to copy from an old post to a new post perfectly. If this is the original post I want to copy:

Doing so will result in this mess:

“Duplicate post”/“new from template” could resolve this but also fixing it so it will paste as intended would be nice!

Also several users are reporting that the text box on mobile app slows down to being unusable after a certain amount of characters. Saving as draft, exiting and re-entering that post helps somewhat but it will keep getting slower with more characters that are added.


I agree that the text posts could do with a lot more formatting options. I’m a writer and would like to be able to format posts like the pages in a novel, not a blog post, which would require features like indentations and controlling line spacing.

Another feature that would be really useful is a spoiler tag that allows you to hide sensitive material or spoilers to stories behind a clickable link that expands.