New premium addon for Patreon WordPress - Patron Content Manager is out

A new premium addon for the WP plugin from Codebard - Patron Content Manager was just released. It makes it easy to manage the patron only content at your WP site.

With Patron Content Manager, you can manage all your patron only content easily from one interface, without having to navigate WP post editor and visit each post or having to lock entire site by the same gating amount. You can optimize your existing patron only content and easily re-gate your very old content to increase your patrons & pledges. Basically you can easily change gating of any content whenever you want.

Today its released to existing Codebard customers and people who participate in dev community - with a special discount code. In the following weeks it will be released to all plugin users. If you order, do use the HAPPYMAILINGLISTDISCOUNT040821 discount code to get a permanent 20% discount.