New PRM filters & shortcuts

Hey creators!

To help you to better manage your patrons and deliver benefits at any time, we’ve made Patron Relationship Manager more useful. Customizable views, new filters, time-saving shortcuts and other improvements in Patron Relationship Manager are now available to all creators.

Here’s the latest:

Save time with shortcuts.
Shortcuts instantly show you patrons who are “Active,” “New,” “Declined” or “Cancelled,” saving you time when greeting new patrons, resolving billing issues, and delivering your benefits.

Speed up your work with saved filters.
Save the filters you use most often and save time when delivering benefits.

Have things your way, with custom columns.
Customize your Patron Relationship Manager view to fit your needs; add your favorite columns like Shipping Address and Notes.

Filter by join date
Want to know how well that Tweet performed? Filter by join date to view patrons who signed up during your latest promotion.

Filter by lifetime pledge
Looking to recognize your biggest supporters? Easily filter by lifetime pledge to find those who’ve hit a milestone.

We’re dedicated to making Patron Relationship Manager your favorite tool. These updates are just the first step we’re taking to help save you time, and make it easier for you to deliver your benefits to patrons. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and welcome any questions you may have.

Check out all these new features in your Patreon Relationship Manager.


I can’t find a way to get the pledges for a single creation anymore using these filters instead of previous ones.

Please advise.

[Nevermind - thanks to a helpful soul I was shown that the drop down has moved and now says “as of today”]

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We’re dedicated to making Patron Relationship Manager your favorite tool.

2x TOFL!