New problems with notifications (patron comment truncated)

My husband and I have a Patreon account that we run together for our podcast. He received an email about a patron’s comment, and I read her comment in the app. In both the email and the version I saw in the app, it appeared that the patron had only written a couple of sentences, and neither of us replied to it (as it didn’t seem to require a response). A couple of days later I happen to be on the website version, and I see that she had actually posted a very long comment of several paragraphs! We had both received the same, truncated version and had no idea that she had written all this other stuff. This hasn’t happened before (that we know of?). Is there some way to avoid it other than always checking the website every time we’re notified there is a comment?


Yeah. :confused: Often times the notifications give the first little bit but not the whole thing and it’s really annoying that it’s not clear there’s more. Most sites have a clear “…” with a link to “read more” at the end to show it’s a snippet but i don’t see that in my notifications a lot of the time. It’s also possible though they made that comment and then edited in more after the fact, which i have for sure had happen before and it really messed me up since i usually view comments really quickly and thus don’t see the eventual changes they make. I don’t expect patreon to tell me it’s been edited but dang. (Also would be so nice if new notifications in our notification box were a different colour or had a marker of some kind that is more clear that it’s new. Since things are still not in chronological order but all mixed into weird categories that sometimes have me scrolling down a ways to find the new comment or i plain and simple can’t find it. :confused: )

Yeah, the notifications in general are confusing and challenging. In this case, my husband received an email of the comment the patron left and it was the same snippet that showed in the app notification. In the past he has received the full comment in the email. And seeing the whole comment it seems really unlikely that the patron left only the first part and then came back and wrote the rest, though that was a good thought. :slight_smile:

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