New secure, patron-only podcast feeds 🎙

Hey everyone,

Today, Patreon is taking a big step forward for the podcast community with the launch of our integration with Acast, the world’s biggest podcast company. From now on, as podcasters on Patreon you get even more opportunities to grow your membership, an improved way to share bonus content with patrons, and advanced insights on how your content is consumed.

The new Acast integration gives all creators the ability to:

Deliver secure, patron-only podcast feeds
With the Acast integration, patrons receive a highly secure and unique RSS feed, so that your exclusive content stays exclusive.

Access advanced analytics
Acast’s analytics give you clear and detailed insights into how many listens your patron-only content is getting, and how listeners are engaging with it.

Enable your patrons to listen wherever they want
Your patrons can enjoy their exclusive Patreon content wherever they listen to their podcasts. If an app supports secure RSS feeds, it’s covered: Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Downcast, Podcast Addict, Acast, and dozens more.

Easily convert listeners to patrons
When you link to your Patreon membership directly from your public episode notes, your new patrons are seamlessly guided back into their listening experience once they’ve joined.

We hope you’re as excited about this new integration as we are!

Learn more here.


If we don’t want to use Acast, will you be continuing to support the patron-only podcast feeds that we are using now? We use Libsyn for our show and would like to continue with Libsyn. Thanks!


No, thank you. Do not want. Happy with the current system. Please be sure to leave it in place as the default.

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Exactly, you should start with answering the question - Is this Acast thing really good? I mean like do you feel the emphasis on ‘really’?

@FutilityCloset @Fiddleback Podcast hosting won’t change on Patreon! Acast is an extra integration to provide podcasters with more secure patron-only content, and more in depth analytics. You don’t have to switch over to it if you don’t want to though :slight_smile:

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Hey everybody,

Brian, from the Creator Success team, will be posting tips & tricks to help you get started on on Acast in a new section of the forum every day this week. If you have any questions, be sure to tag @bkeller so he can help you out!

See everything here: