New subscriber email notifications not showing up

I have a new patron this afternoon, but still no email notification a few hours later.

Is anyone else experiencing email notification issues today/this week?

Any news on this @mindy? Or should I take it to tech support?

I’m almost getting used to glitches with Patreon… :wink:

Loving the design developments by the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Ando, thanks for the report! I was able to confirm this is a bug and we’ve shared it with our engineers to continue to investigate. In the future, please do report bugs like this to the Patreon support team as they collect all the reports and are able to get the info our engineers need to be able to find a solution.

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Thamks Mindy. The email notification still didn’t arrive.

The day before, I received an email notification of a comment on a post. But when I went to view it was gone. The author hadn’t deleted it. I pasted it on ft the email for him, but I’m concerned what else is going missing. It seems we have some holes in the Patreon bucket.

Any further info/solutions would be appreciated, thanks!



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Thanks Mindy, email received.

I’m not clear on the bug reporting process and contact email. Please could you let me know here so others can benefit from the info too?


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Happy to hear you got it in the end, @Ando. I’d be happy to walk through the bug reporting process.

At Patreon, we have a large support team who are wonderful! They work in the San Francisco office and are the experts on all things Patreon. They run the Support Twitter, write, manage, and update all the incredible help articles, and are huge spokespeople for creators internally. They know what’s working, what could be better, and what demand there is for each issue as they hear it directly from you. When you write into Patreon Support, it goes to them.

There are lots of reasons why it’s preferable for you to write to the Support team, here are a few of them:

  1. All reports in one place: when we have bug reports from twitter, forum, discord, and support, it’s hard to measure volume and how many people a certain issue is effecting. When you write into Support, it keeps count of how many reports we get, if the reports are increasing, the time from report to resolution, etc, which really helps us prioritize what to work on next.
  2. Account info: the team have access to the reporter’s Patreon account in a safe and secure way to be able verify the info reported and dig into further, whereas I’d have to ask for it. It also means we get all the info we need to investigate as it’s a contact form.
  3. Measuring: we can keep track of how long it’s taken for you to get a reply, how many tickets we get, and if you’ve written in before, all which help us ensure we’re delivering the standard of customer support we really want. After your issue is closed, you get to leave feedback about the quality of support, too.
  4. One Stop Shop: even if you write into the support team about fraud or guidelines, they will make sure your question gets answered by the right people.

If you ever have an account question, a recommendation, something seems glitchy, the support team are the best people to contact. I can flag 1 report I see in the forum, but if the support team have gotten 100 other tickets about the issue, it suddenly adds weight to the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks Mindy. That’s all really helpful. Actually no, I didn’t receive the new Patron notification email. It was your email I received. I wonder what else goes missing.

I’ll write to support in the next 24 hours. Bedtime here now and my birthday tomorrow. :blush:

Thanks again!

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Happy birthday, @Ando! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thanks Mindy.

I still haven’t received any communication from support team, following your sending the info to them. I also still haven’t received the new patron notification email that I should have received. It leaves me wondering what other messages and notifications may be going missing in the system. On a community and communication based platform that’s an essential to get right.