New Tag Placement - what?

This just showed up like this for me, with my tags at the top, with a show more, rather than on the side, with the full list present.

I’d really like to know why more blank space is being made on the sides… Are you planning to move the artist info on top of this and widening it to fill the space? If that’s the idea, i could sorta get behind it but right now it looks really bad not utilizing the sidebar you already have.

Not having all my tags showing, is also a pain. It not only gives me a quick overview and i can see if any of my posting services messed up and spammed my tags by accident (and easier to clean up and manage since there are no mass editing options on this platform and that dropdown list GOES AWAY after every tag click so i have to scroll around figuring out where i was when on the side bar it’s always catalogued. but it also shows the post count in each of those right off the bat, for quick and easy access to myself and my patrons to find other content they might be looking for, missed, etc.

What is going on? Why is everything being piecemealed without warning and it still feels like the feedback we’ve been giving, has been glossed over. Many of us have been complaining about the “show more” options starting to show up everywhere and disrespecting our time and effort on the sections that are getting shortened.

I’m confused and frustrated by all these changes with no communication/warning. (Perhaps i’ve missed a few things over the holidays but seriously.)


I have a theory: the coders are attempting to bring the phone app and the website closer to being similar so they only have one set to work through instead of two.

I have no proof of this, nor do I think we’re being ignored. If this were true, then it could be setting things up to move on to the actual features we want.

Maybe. I don’t actually know either way.

I could totally understand that and it would make sense if that’s the reason. I just want to be informed is all. I’m getting sick of everything moving on me and making my workflow harder without even a “hey we’re testing/planning x,y,z! -insert place to give feedback” xD

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I was just coming to post this, one of my tags is actually missing, and it’s a really important one. The tag still exists, along with all the posts in it, but it’s not in the list itself. It’s actually one of the “big five” that you choose to showcase, but since they only display four, now it’s gone.

I definitely preferred the entire list shown. It made it look like I have a lot of content, because I do! It’s also less clicks which, imo, is better UI. I have hundreds upon hundreds of posts that are now all hidden under the “click here to see more” :confused:

The lack of communication is frustrating. I don’t ever have time to prepare for these sudden changes.


Hey everybody,

I wanted to give some context to the changes we’re talking about. At the end of last year we gave a preview into the upcoming features and tests we were planning.

I understand how this can feel like things are changing fast and without warning. I take this feedback to heart and want to do better next time and give more heads up to y’all as things are about to go live.

@sambeawesome, a fix is going live within the hour that will display 5 tags instead of 4.

For more context on the new placement, head over to this thread --> Featured tags above the posts feed

You may have mentioned them, but the “Upcoming features and tests” did not include any information outside of “we’re moving them” - No information on what that might look like, or that our tags are going to now be hidden. This is crucial information that we could have given feedback on before making this change to our flow.


Glad to hear it’ll be fixed, thanks for the update.

I do agree with Temrin still that more information/heads up, especially for people who don’t know about this forum (which appears to be most Patreon users), would’ve been appreciated.

When in doubt, more communication is almost never a bad thing <3


Thank for your info. Anyway in my patreon i do not have any tag showing as you can see in my pic. Can you explain me why (not showing on pc and /or mobile) Please help. I am losing traffic because of this situation!

Did you select any featured tags? You can do that by editing your page and going to the ‘posts’ tab. Select your featured tags there and you’ll see them on your feed.

This sort of bug would probably be best sent to Patreon via their support ticket system so their Tech team gets it in their inbox directly and get the needed information to try and bug test it to figure it out. (They might not see bug reports here.)

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