New to Reddit


I wondering about the new Patreon Reddit integration.

How can Reddit drive traffic to your Patreon? What tools does Reddit have for that?

Should I create my own Subreddit? How do I do that?

Is there a “Reddit For Newbies Guide” anywhere online?


Hi there! thanks for the question. Here are our 2 blogs on reddit (the launch and a case study):

This article has some info about Amanda Palmer is using it:

A quick Google search shows there are tons of resources for reddit for beginners! This one looks pretty good. As for creating your own subreddit, that’s up to you and how much time you have! This post has info about how you do that. That should be enough reading for one day!

Thanks Mindy!

It was great hearing from you on the most recent Hangtime.

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I think you’ll only really benefit from Reddit/Patreon integration if you are already bringing in an active Reddit community.


The one thing I wanted to add here was that you shouldn’t really look at Reddit as a tool specifically for you to drive traffic to your website. You create value on reddit, build an audience around that value, and as a side effect, people will be interested in supporting you. Reddit is very much the long game. It took me 6 months before the audience I’d grown eventually started asking me how they could support me. That was almost four years ago now, and the result was well worth it.


great point, @Uncomfortable! redditors tend to be sensitive to being marketed to and are wary of self-promotion in general, so focus on creating value on reddit and you’ll be off to a good start.