New/Unread Message Bug

This morning I woke up to see 70 unread messages in my Patreon inbox… they’re all instances where I wrote to people and they didn’t reply (Messages I send to Declined Patrons etc). Looks like the only way to removed the count of 70 unread messages is to open each of them one by one. No option for select all or mark all as unread. In any case, I don’t really need to know when people don’t respond to my messages, only when people write new messages TO ME. I assume this is just a temporary bug, but thought I would mention it.



same here

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I saw this last night and just cleared them all. Sigh.

And seriously, there’s still no way to delete old messages? I have messages going back to 2014. I even have one there from a patron who is now deceased. Let us delete old messages!


I noticed all of these this morning too… I just want the option to delete messages, some of which include harassment and hate from former patrons and every time I want to send a message I have to see them. Why is this not a thing yet??

Same bug here. For a second I thought I’d missed a whole bunch of messages over night, but no, it was just folks who haven’t responded.

And yes, an option to delete old messages please! I have messages from 2017 that are completely not relevant any more!

Hey everyone -

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on making some improvements to your inbox and a few bugs showed up along the way. We’re working on solving the bulk unread messages now. Thanks so much for your patience!


The bigger issue is not being able to respond to messages in the inbox, this is the third day in a row I can’t respond to my patrons and the messages are piling up.
Issues like this really make me consider migrating my patrons to another platform :confused:

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I appreciate the improvements that have been made. Is there an ETA on a fix?

Same here.

Hi everyone -

Your inbox should be fixed now! If you’re still seeing a large number of unread messages, or having trouble responding to messages, please let me know.

Thank you so much for your patience while we roll out this update.

It’s not fixed for me. Still seeing 99+ unread messages and messages won’t load if I open them from my email.

I thought it was just me. it definitely throws me off into a mini panic at the thought of missing someone’s message.

My problem is still not solved T_T! please help스크린샷 2020-12-16 오후 12.42.19|404x298

Hi folks –

So sorry for the false hope. We have confirmed there are still a few bugs with bulk messaging and messages being marked unread. We are tacking this now! Thank you so much for your patience.

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Related to the latest changes to Patron Messages, it also marks messages as read (unwanted).

After I send out the monthly rewards message (bulk message) any previously unread messages sent to me by patrons are automatically marked as “read”.

I can use the search option and email notifications to track those down, but it’s time consuming and I feel this is not working as intended. After a mass-message, previously unread message should still be marked as unread.