New workshops in response to pandemic

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the whole team at Patreon, I hope you are doing all right amidst so much uncertainty and change due to the developing pandemic. We want to help the creative community as much as possible during this time, and have launched a new series of creator workshops focused on getting you the tools you need right now. Feel free to invite friends and members of your community to attend - all workshops are free and open to the public. Sessions start tomorrow.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • Moving live events to live streams - with guests Megan Slankard & The Accidentals
  • How to host high-quality online concerts with Crowdcast
  • Getting started on Patreon - with guest Raye Zaragoza

We’ll be adding new workshops each week , so bookmark the page and check back in. If there are other topics you’d like to see, please send us a note! Additionally, if you’ve got wisdom to share with the creator community, let us know.

More here:


Hey Laura, I’m constantly recording videos with teaching material - vocal lessons, how to record your music at home, yoga sessions, guitar tutorials, meditations etc… I’ve uploaded on youtube and my own website, now I’m uploading everything on patreon. Would you be interested in this?

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Hi Marlia!

Sorry I missed your post until now! I checked out your website, it looks beautiful. I’ll email you directly and we can discuss what might make sense!


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