Newb Questions (Discord usernames, Free rewards levels)

I’ve done my best to search and read up around here and in help, but well, it’s a lot.

  • Most of my community centers around Discord, so all of my reward tiers have a Discord title to go with them and they’re auto-assigned by the Patreon Bot, which is super handy. As a matter of fact, that feature was what finally convinced me to use Patreon in the first place and it works great. However, it’s sometimes hard to connect the patron with the Discord user. Is there a way to see the Discord username attached to the patron names in a report somewhere?
  • Is there a way to grant a Patreon rewards level to someone without them actually having to donate? Or have an invisible level with a price of $0 or something. I have volunteers that put in a lot of time/work for me but don’t have money to give. Right now I just post links to a private Discord channel for patrons as well as volunteers and basically nothing to my Patreon page.
  • Someone recently pledged to my $50 tier which I put in more as a “just in case”. I offered one on one time at this level but didn’t really think about the “what if he pulls his pledge before the end of the month” question until it was too late. I don’t think that’ll happen in this case, but I’d love suggestions for the future.

I think that’s all for now, and if this isn’t the right place for these questions, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I dont have any answers to your Discord questions :confused: But I hope someone elses answer them because I am totally interested in perhaps setting up a Discord chat in the future too.

Your last question I am not sure if I understand correctly. You mean if you give your one-on-one reward before you receive the pledge? You should totally not give out any rewards like that or physical rewards etc until you have received the pledges. You should use “charge up front” if you have a monthly patreon, I just yesterday switched to charge up front because of the same reason, heres more info on it:

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Well one out of 3 taken care of. I just enabled charge up front, thanks!

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Heya @epiktetus !

I’d be happy to help out here :slight_smile:

  • I’m so glad to hear that Discord is working well for you. At the moment, there isn’t a way for you to see individual Discord user names for your patrons. That is a great idea though and something we ought to look in to adding!

  • Ah - at the moment, it is not possible to have a reward tier that is accessible without someone actually paying you to view it. This has been an idea we’ve been kicking around but have yet to implement. Maybe some day in the future, though!

  • Woot! Glad you now have charge upfront :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thanks, I’m glad to hear you’re looking into both of them. Could I add another feature request? Also, is there an official place to put feature requests?

I’d love to be able to have a spot to add notes for each of my patrons. Things like “this is the guy that sent me that gift that one time” or whatnot. I only have 7 patrons right now, so I’ll probably just make a google doc and manually connect them to their discord names and add any notes as well for now.

I’ve been on this community for 24 hours and have answers to all of my questions. Woot!

Would be fantastic to have a follower reward tier just to get an idea of the number of followers creators have and to make incentives for signing up (that’s one step from becoming a patron!). For example if I made a poll it could be for patrons and followers to allow followers an idea of some patron interaction benefits and give me a notion of who are taking my polls. Or there could be a follower only post/poll requesting feedback on what would be a feature I could implement that might encourage them to pledge. Currently I have 100% public posts, but if we had an option to make follower+patron posts it would encourage more people to click “follow to see 250 free posts” in the same way you do for people to see patron only posts. I see followers as potential patrons and I welcome them and encourage them to join in when possible. Sorry to go off on a tangent there! :sweat_smile:


The best thing to do for feature requests would be to actually write in to

Yeah that would rock. We are looking do a major overhaul of the patron manager so I am sure something like this will be available!

Happy to help out!! :smiley:

Haven’t actually thought of making an incentive for people to follow but I like it!

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Hey @epiktetus There actually IS a place to add feature requests in the community. Here it is.

CC’ing @evan so he knows as well.

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