No more "New Patron" e-mails?

Three new patrons pledged today, and I got zero e-mails about it. I’m really glad I checked the site – I hadn’t for a few days, and if I just left them hanging after pledging I’d feel terrible (I use charge-up-front and I need to do some things on my end to enable their patron benefits – which they’ve paid for as soon as they pledge).

Is this the new normal or is something broken?

(I’m not really sure which would be worse.)


I’ve noticed that too. I’m no longer getting emails about pledge updates or new patrons.

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Thanks for the report! Let me tell the team and get back to you once we’ve had a chance to investigate this further. In the meantime, can I confirm you’ve checked Spam or other sections of your inbox and they’re not in there?


@ammulder Is the email address on your account still active? At some point an email sent by us bounced, meaning your email address wasn’t accepting email. Since then, our email service has stopped sending you email as they noticed one failed to send.

@Zedrin We checked and can confirm that these emails have been delivering to you - everything looks fine on our side. Can you check your inbox and spam?

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Yes, of course it’s still working. I wouldn’t be complaining that you stopped sending mail to an address that’s not working!

Please resume sending mails, and don’t stop any more in the future if you come across a transient delivery problem.

Wait, i just realized my issue. I’ve been receiving the emails, they just have been going to my other email, which normally I had forward to my primary.

For some reason they stopped forwarding in June, maybe due to a change in the format. Just something I gotta solve with my forwarding rules. Thanks Mindy!

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@mindy PLEASE get this fixed! It’s terrible to not get these e-mails! Whoever’s in charge of the “e-mail or don’t e-mail” switch, make them turn it back on for me!

Hi there, I’m happy to give you an update on the situation. It looks like so far you’re the only person to have reported this problem. The issue is your email returned emails from Patreon which tells our email service provider that your email is no longer valid. This is an automatic process and not one we control. We’re looking into how to tell our email provider to attempt that email again but as this is a holiday week and we only have the one report of this issue, I cannot give you an estimate of when it will be fixed. I’d recommend updating your Patreon account with another email address to see if that works.

As this is a Patreon support issue, I’m going to close this thread and ask for you to write into the Patreon support team with more information about when this happens, your email provider, and your account so they can look into it further.