No notification for community posts

Is there a reason why we don’t get a notification when a patron adds a new post to the Community posts? I keep up with what’s going on in our account through notifications on the Patreon phone app, and by checking the Notifications on the web app. Only I keep missing that patrons are sometimes posting in the Community tab.

Apparently you send emails to note this, but the emails go to my husband and he gets a flood of email. I have to rely on his seeing the email, registering what it is and remembering to forward it to me. Meanwhile it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that I can see notifications for pretty much anything else a patron does, other than putting up a new post.



Hey Sharon! Thanks for raising this to us. I’ll forward this to @erin as a product feature request :slight_smile: I know they are always eager to hear feedback about the community section.

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Thanks, Mindy!