Nodejs API library

I’m an amateur programmer, and I’m interested in combining Patreon with a discord bot I’m making. Basically the idea is that the bot itself is free to use, however more features are available to the discord server using the bot if the server’s owner were to pay for one of the patreon tiers. I decided to go with patreon since it basically handles all the subscription-based stuff itself, and supposedly has an API that my bot can get information from.
The idea is that the owner of the discord server would pay for the patreon tier, and since their discord account is linked to their patreon account, I should be able to retrieve that information using the API, so the bot knows which servers should have the “extra” features.
However, upon looking at the documentation, I seem to be at a loss. I can’t seem to make heads nor tails of any of it, and to top it all of, apparently Patreon is not updating or maintaining the API at all, which I find highly disappointing, to be honest.
But I digress. The point of this post is to ask you, the community, if any of you have successfully made things like this, and how you went about doing it.

EDIT: Upon further digging, it appears I can set up “webhooks” to an http endpoint in my discord bot. Using this, and the data the webhook sends, I may be able to then get the user’s discord info using a basic http GET request, as long as they have it linked. Any thoughts on this? Scratch that, there’s a captcha in the way. I’ll have to stick to the API library.

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