Non-Mailing Monthly Rewards

Hey everyone! So I have a question. I was thinking about doing a monthly reward to help gain interest for my Patreon account and I was wondering what would be the best monthly reward I could give my patrons if I don’t want to do a reward where I have to mail it to the patron?

On my Patreon account, I mainly do movie, TV show and video game reviews and some of my tier perks include having your name posted in my videos as a patron and having a special role name in the Discord account. I also occasionally do designs for whatever TV show, book or movie I’m interested in, which can be found on my Redbubble, Teespring and Society6 accounts.

The reason why I wanted to know if there was some other kind of monthly reward I could give the patrons or at least show non-patrons just what kind of work I do on my Patreon page without having to mail that special reward is because mailing items can be very expensive for me and I just wanted to give out a reward to that patron where I could give it to them in a few seconds instead of them having to wait for days for a package to arrive.

So, should the monthly rewards include something like having a discount on any of my designs on Redbubble, Society6 or Teespring? Or should I do something like monthly shoutout videos to my patrons? Or maybe I could try the raffle option where anyone who is either a patron or not could vote on what movies, TV shows and video games I get to review on my YouTube Channel?

What are some non-mailing monthly rewards that I could show to my patrons or to the non patrons interested in checking out my account?

Hi @Rabbitearsblog! So glad you reached out. There are a ton of benefit options you can provide that don’t have to be mailed! Like early access to your next video, exclusive content, exclusive digital downloads, behind the scenes. You can have polls for certain tiers where your patrons can vote on what movie/show/game you review next. We have a great article with some fun ideas too. Check it out here:

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Thanks for the advice! Now I’m deciding if I should do the monthly movie vote polls or offering extra content exclusive to Patreon every month!

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