Not Getting Emails

There was another crowdcast today? I wasn’t notified about it.


Same… is there anywhere we can watch it back? I didn’t get an email or anything.

Oh no!

@rppr and @ginnydi I’m so sorry you didn’t get my emails! You might want to check in your SPAM folder just in case. We just did a quick walk through product demo (which actually had a glitch so I re-recorded the video!) .

Here is the link to the initial livestream. I’d recommend skipping to about minute 7, where I start answering questions, since the set-up was a little wonky, and is covered in the video below:

Here is the link to how to set up your special offer:

Hope these are helpful!


Yeah I didn’t get the email. Checked spam folder and everything. Thanks for the link!

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll make sure you’re in my list for the rest of the emails :slight_smile:

Nothing in my spam folder either! :frowning: Thanks for the link!

Ahh I didn’t get the email either! Would have loved to come. Thanks for the replay link!

i’d love to be included!

Hi Chrysanthe!

Have you been receiving my other emails? For example, on Friday of last week I sent one out with the videos, and earlier this week I sent a checklist for the week. Curious if it was just the livestream invite you missed?


Aw I missed all of those emails :confused: No wonder I’ve felt so alone here!

I checked spam; not there either.

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I haven’t received any of those either!! The last email I received in relation to the Special Offer workshop was the handbook & forum guide on August 29. :frowning: Nothing in spam.

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Hi Ginny!

What patreon URL did you use to register for the Special Offer workshop? I’m not finding your email in the reg. form.

EDIT: oops, misread!! My Patreon URL is My email is

I think that would be a little hard to make that schedule work, sorry!

Sadly, I don’t think we have enough interest. But Im game if it is just me and you if you are!

I’m in the same boat - I haven’t received any emails since the original handbook, and there’s nothing in my spam folder.

One more that didn’t get the email. Nothing in spam.

Would it still be possible to get those emails I missed? Perhaps you can re-send? Thanks!

i didn’t get the email either.

Hi all,

I’ll send out the emails from last week and this week to you asap. So sorry you’ve been missing these - so odd, I’ve been using the same group of emails. If you registered through the Google Form, you’re on the list!