Notification is broken?

So, I had 2 notifications on my phone this morning. 2 people commenting on something i did. The Android App crashed both times i clicked on the names.
So i booted my PC and checked the notification thing in the top and I cant find the notifications in here at all.
On top of this list it says:

May 2017 Summary: $2.00 in pledges, 1 patrons

(but this is old now)

1 like on your posts

So… the whole app and notification system seem to be broken. Where can I find all the “commented on your post” stuff?

I have personally found the Android app to be generally terrible. It doesn’t update lists of patrons accurately, for me. I just don’t trust it. :stuck_out_tongue: That and the image uploader is super hit or miss.

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Don’t try to do too much, perhaps Patreon? If one experience (desktop/laptop) is the best it can be for now…maybe that is enough?

If people don’t like or can’t use the app, wait on it?

Mmm yea…
The app isn’t working at all now :S Uninstalled and installed… Not working…
Also I wonder where the Patreon Server is located? Its sooooooo slow… All other websites are running great buy my Patreon is sooo slow, also my own website, hosted by squearespace, is running like a snail >.<
I know these things takes time but I hope Patreon is planning an upgrade of servers or whatever the problem is.
Im not located in the states so that could also be why? Maube…