Notification of message from six months ago

@reyna - today I received an email notification of a message that was sent to me last June. I think there are still some problems with the massaging system, likely related to whatever caused all of my old messages to be marked ‘unread’.

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Hey @Michael_Loucks - we had a few reports of this happening yesterday and earlier today, though it should be fixed now! Let me know if you’re still getting emails for old messages.

Also, do you still have old messages marked as unread? That bug should also be fixed but let me know.

Thanks, @reyna. I actually went through the laborious task of marking them read before you did the fix.

So far, I’ve only received that one message.

Just happened to me, got a notification from a message I had ALREADY replied to… from November 2019… the notification arrived December 18 2020…

Who doesnt have messages marked as unread? you answer a question, the person says “thanks” and if you don’t reply yet again its unanswered… its a terrible messaging system and is really making it difficult at all to connect with patrons in any timely manner.

Hi @reyna,

About 9 hours ago, I got two emails for new messages. However, both those messages I received back in 2018. On the other hand, I do have 4 new messages on Patreon that I have never received an email for. Thus, this error was not fixed when you wrote your reply (as they arrived 2 hours after you wrote your reply). Thought it would be of interest to know.

Is there a way to disable Patreon Messaging and just having people email me directly? Because I have had so many problems with messages getting lost, unable to read messages (on Firefox), unable to mark them as unread, and now not getting email notifications. I have had patrons leave because I never answered their messages because I simply never got a notification and they didn’t show up in the messenger centre.

@reyna - just had another one. Both of these were from top-tier patrons and I nearly made the mistake of responding to the first one. Fortunately, I was wary of the second one.

This really is getting out of hand.

@reyna, as of 12 PM EST (12.18.2020) my inbox still shows 99+ unread messages.

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Hey y’all, the 99+ unread messages issue should be resolved as of this morning! Please take a look and let me know if that’s not true for you.

One use case to be aware of: this issue should be resolved for creators, but if you also have other admins or team members who can view your messages, it’s possible they’re seeing unread messages that the creator has, in fact, already viewed. If that’s happening for you, please note that this will be addressed in January.