Notifications Bug

Hey again (I feel like I’ve been such a pest lately!). The notification counts are off, or I’m not seeing whatever they’re trying to notify me of. I stay very up to date with my notifications, especially since redoing my tiers—I’m on Patreon every few hours.

It seems like just in the past two or three days, I’ve been getting a notification indicator that doesn’t correlate to anything. I know notifications are confusing, and I’ve become better at scrolling around and figuring out what they mean. But recently there are clearly notifications that don’t match anything in the feed: no new patrons, departures, or likes.

I supposedly have six new notifications this morning, but the only notification-worthy event I can find is one new Patron. No new likes on recent posts, etc.

Yesterday, I had the same problem with (2) notifications; I would view the notification page, scroll around, not find anything. An hour later, the notification indicator was back at (2) again—same situation.

It’s 2 hours later and I have two more notifications, but nothing new has happened according to the notification list.

Okay, I’m starting to suspect the ghost notifications are coming from people changing tiers. The numbers are in the right ballpark. Is that possible?

Same here. I’ve gotten emails of new patrons, yet they don’t show up in the notifications, but they show up in the patron list. And the numbers don’t match no matter how many times I recount.