Notifications - it's a mess

So the notifications page is kind of a mess.

Things are out of chronological order, I frequently miss comments because they’re buried under things I’ve seen already. Are there plans to clean this up?


We’ve been talking about this a lot here on the forums, it’s a big problem. For the life of me i can’t remember what threads it’s all in but yeah. It’s very glitchy. I really want chronological and ungrouped so it’s just an actual feed, not in message type groups where i miss stuff. I know our concerns have been heard but I’m not sure what plans are being made to address the various comments we’ve posted here about it.



Yep! I know @erin and I have spoken about this and we’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on this. We keep track of this, but not certain where changes/updates are on the product roadmap!

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LOL. Apparently, the exact status of the improvements are on @carla’s Notifications page.

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