Notifications when pledging to other creators - please make opt-in!

Because of the new feature about posts being unlocked by tier, I recently edited one of my pledges to another creator to add a tier (the amount did not change).

This is a creator who I frequently collaborate with and post about my collaborations to my Patreon. I got notes from several patrons who said they received emails from Patreon with the subject “(my name) just became a patron of (other creator’s name)”. I’ve been a patron of this other creator for a while. This message was misleading and confusing to MY patrons. More importantly, I did not consent to Patreon sending this out.

I know when you pledge to a creator, the email the person paying receives gives us the option to share that - can that PLEASE be an opt-in thing?

It is totally not ok with me for you to tell every one of my patrons every time I pledge to another creator. There ARE some creators (particularly, in my genre!) for whom I’d LOVE for those notifications to go out.

I want control over this.

Please please. This is not okay, and this makes me NOT want to pledge to any other creators this season until this is addressed, because I DO NOT WANT MY PATRONS SPAMMED ABOUT MY PERSONAL GIVING.


Hi there, thanks for the post! I checked with our team and you can indeed turn this off. On your settings page, look for:

Send emails to all your patrons when you make a pledge

There is also an option to not receive those emails as a patron:

When a creator you pledge to makes a pledge to another creator

There is info and images here: Hope that helps you and others who might have been thinking about this :slight_smile:


Ooo thank you so much! I don’t know why I hadn’t seen that checkbox in there before. Thank you!

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