Notify patrons of change box

This check box seems to be a recent change (with no warning as far as I can see) that means if you make a change to a published post you can choose whether or not to notify patrons. You don’t want to send out emails every time you make a minor typo change to a post is the thinking, I believe.

A good idea on the surface, however there seems to have been an additional change to tier adjustments on a post.

I write webnovels with chapters available early on Patreon. Different tiers give you access to chapters at different times. This requires me to change the tier manually for a post when different tiers become eligible to read it.

Previously, when I changed the tier and saved it, the new tier patrons would receive an email telling them the post was available to them.

Now, I either inform no one, or everyone. People who already had access get notified again.

I feel this has been done because it was easier to code, not because it’s better for the end-user. It certainly isn’t convenient and not desirable to spam people with emails they don’t want. The inability to separate out users based on tiers seems an oversight, especially considering how integral tiers are to the concept of the site.

Wow, I actually had no idea the system worked like that before!

This isn’t the technical fix that you need from the behind the scenes people, and it’s more work on your end for now, but in the meantime perhaps you could send a group message to each tier as they become eligible to read the material? (Again, not the fix you need, but just a quick suggestion to keep you moving along without having to notify everyone every time you open material to a new tier!)


thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a go. Like you say, not the ideal fix but might help. Cheers.

It’s definitely not the ideal fix for the long term!

It sounds like what is needed is two checkboxes… something like “notify all qualifying patrons of the changes” and “notify newly qualifying patrons of this post” — not sure of the exact wording for clarity, but something like that!