Number of Patrons Discrepancy

On Halloween, I broke my record number of patrons - 40, but currently, my page says that we are down one member, putting me back to 39. However, when I go to my patron manager, it shows 40. I noticed that I do have one declined pledge, so I was wondering if that was the discrepancy… that they are not considered a “member” until they fix their card. Could you verify this for me?

Also, if this is the case, can we get that fixed? A single declined charge shouldn’t make our patron membership number fluctuate.

It has been the case for us that declined patrons do not show up in the total number on our main page. Sometimes these declined patrons fix the situation and become active again (in which case the number you see on your page will go back to reflecting them as patrons again). But sometimes they never do fix it. We have some patrons who have been declined for years now. So I guess that Patreon is only showing the number of patrons who are actually active, and thus can be counted on to provide support each month, rather than including the declined patrons, who may never actually support you again.