Number of Patrons in tiers is bigger than total number of Patrons

I’ve just noticed that I have 30+15+6 Patrons in my 3 tiers but only 49 in total. Both on the front page and in the Relationship Manager I see the 49.

Does anyone know why is there a difference?


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I have 1985 active patrons in my Patreon Manager and 1893 on the front page. That’s a pretty big difference. I wonder what’s going one there too.
Oh and I just checked, when I add them up the way you did, it adds up to 2153 patrons :scream:


I’ve noticed this issue for years. I think it has to do with not properly accounting for a number of random combos like… declined patrons, patrons that set a max payout amount when they first signed up, and patrons that change their pledge mid month.