October 2021 on the forum!

Hi folks,

Just want to share a note that I’ll be taking some time offline next week, from Monday October 4th through Friday, October 9th. It’ll be my first dedicated time offline since I joined the Patreon team in June (and my first time taking any time off this year), so I am looking forward to getting some rest to come back swinging creatively and energetically.

Since I read posts here every day, I want to make sure you have a heads up that I’ll be offline next week, but checking back in on my return on Monday, October 11th. Other folks from the Patreon team will be in the forum in my absence, so you are all in good hands.

When I return, I will be launching a long over due project with the team to share lots of updates and info right here in the forum. So stay tuned, October is going to be an active and exciting month here on Patreon’s Creator Community Discourse.