Offer Reward for Pledgers $X and Above?

I’ve started offering my Patrons a weekly journaling session with me and would love to offer it to anyone who pledges at the $3 or up level. It is available to my “tiers” which are $3, $12, and $33, but my pledgers who pledge something like $5 or $22 (not within a tier) are excluded.

Is there a way to set a post for pledgers X tier amount and above? I don’t want to change my tier amounts to accommodate all the amounts my patrons pledge at.

There’s no way to really include them outside of manually emailing them using the patron manager.

The other thing you can try is to tell them to pledge to a tier but they are able to up their pledge amount to whatever they want during the process so they can still keep their previous pledge amount. They just need to be on a tier to get the posts.