Offering Free LIVE Weekly Social Media Training 💗

Hello fellow Patreon creators!
I’ve recently launched a social media consulting business (not at all related to my creations here on Patreon), and I am going through the beta run of my signature 12 week “Ready Set Badass! Simplify your social media: Transform your life” program.

This program has a ton of features, but I’ve decided to open up the weekly live training sessions - for free! - to my fellow Patreon creators!

I’ll host these online, live, each Tuesday evening at 7pm PST. There will be a replay up, so if you’re not able to join live you can still catch the replay at your leisure =)

You can join here!

This is super beneficial to me as this is a beta run of the program, and I welcome and encourage your question and feedback so that I can better create content that is of the highest value - and I truly believe there will be a lot of great information for you as well!

Thank you patreon - I hope to see lots of you there!


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How cool! Thanks for for this Jin!

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you’re so welcome! my hope is certainly that it is mutually beneficial by inviting other patreon creators - I love the feedback, thank you!

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I love it!!! Will definitely try to be on tonight for it.


Yay! Would love to have you Justin! This week the training got moved to Monday (yesterday) but the replay will be up at the link! If you have any issue accessing it please let me know, after you sign up you should receive all the info from - thank you!

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I have been really enjoying these training videos. Thanks so much for offering them here @TheJinNTonic
I wouldn’t have found them otherwise and they’ve been extremely helpful in explaining aspects of social media that I just wasn’t getting through trial and error. I’ve been taking notes and coming up with new ideas. I appreciate you simplifying social media. :heartpulse:


oh wow, that is so exciting to hear!! you’re welcome! I wasn’t sure if anyone from Patreon was popping in, I’m glad to hear it has been helpful! Do feel free to connect with the CYNL IG & FB account for more live videos, I try to pop on and take Q’s a couple times a week =)
Thank you!!


SUHweeeeeeeet, but Tuesday at 7 pm is a standing gig for me. I truly appreciate that they’re archived. I’ll start catching up and offering feedback. You’re a rockstar for using us as your test cases - thanks for the opportunity and trust.

Whaaat!!! GrannyPottyMouth I’m so excited to see you here on Patreon! Consider me an immediate digital grandkid - your branding and marketing are already on :fire::fire::fire:!! I hope going the community-funded route is successful for you (FUCKIN YOUTUBE!)
Thanks for joining my marketing training, you can absolutely catch the replays and I hope it proves useful to you and I of course welcome and am excited for your feedback!
Jin <— if you have any issues!

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Only just realized you can’t go back and watch previous weeks. :sob: I missed the Ideal Client week. :sob:

Just watched week 6 and as usual took tons of notes and have a LOT of actionable steps for myself. This is all that stuff I knew I needed help with, but didn’t know what questions to ask, where to look, or who to ask. Thanks again, Jin! You’re a gem! :gem:


YAAAAY!! That is all so great to hear (except for missing Week 3!) - thank you so much, Angela!

It makes me so happy to hear it’s been helpful!! What did you like best about week 6? I feel like I covered SO much haha!

I’ve been considering making a new patreon specifically for my social media marketing services. Keeping it simple and low cost, specifically geared towards creators. What do you think? =)


You covered a LOT. I got something out of every little topic.

I like how you broke down writing a call to action. All over the place people talk about a call to action and how important they are. I understood what it was, but not so much all of the components to writing an effective one.

The part about building up a reservoir of yeses (what even is the plural of yes? Ha!). It made a lot of sense to me about getting them in a positive frame of mind for when you lead them up to the real question.

But I think the part that really impacted me was about the “pain points”. I felt a little resistance to this because I’m not offering a service, but after reflecting on that I really have to consider what it is I am offering so I can better present myself. It’s something I’m really going to have to put some more thought into.

I absolutely think you should have another Patreon for what you offer. If you can make it low cost it will really help the people who are starting out and those who have been hanging in there, but struggling with some of the marketing aspects and needing that education to boost them to the next level.


WOW! Thank you so much for the feedback! That is all great to hear, I’m glad there’s been some value to these trainings! And I will continue to consider this patreon idea… =D
Thank you, Lochy! I hope you don’t mind that I shared your feedback on FB <3


Thought I’d post an update! This week’s training was postponed to this evening at 7pm PST.

Hope to see some of you there! This is week 10 of my 12 week beta course (it has gone by so fast!) and I cannot thank you all enough for the feedback! This has been fabulous!

I’m so excited to be diving into this week’s awesome topic:

Growing Your Email List!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Join The LIVE Training Tonight At 7pm PST!
Sign up link, if you’ve already joined you’ll have the live training link in your email! Text alerts available to those in the U.S.

Now that we have all of last week’s tools for rocking our email marketing, it’s time to see that subscriber count GROW! And as always we’re not just looking for numbers - it’s time to fill your list with quality leads who are excited for your content, and are looking to become your customer or client!

In today’s training I’ll go over:

  • The tools for Growing Your List!
  • Fabulous Freebies Ideas!
  • A simple Freebie Funnel - set your growth on autopilot!
  • Some final List Growth Tips
  • Plus a Secret Prize Challenge!

Get ready to see your subscriber list soar!
Bring your questions for the live Q&A, and I’ll see you there!

Thank you, darlings!


Hi everyone! It really has been so amazing to have so many patreon creators coming in to the live trainings, and getting your feedback!

Thank you! It has helped me so much, and it sounds like these trainings have been helpful in return (double yay!)

Tonight is Week 11 and I’ll sharing everything you need to know about PAID social media (aka advertisements!). The Week 10 replay (all about growing your email list) will be up until 7pm PST tonight, when I’ll be going live for this week’s training.

I can’t believe this is the second to the last week of these! I’d be delighted to have a few new creators in there this evening. Here’s the sign up link, you’ll get the live video link in your email or via text (U.S. only)



thanks for all you do, Jin!

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Thanks again, Jin. I cannot believe EVERYONE didn’t jump on this training. It’s answered so many questions for me and I’ve learned things I didn’t even know to have questions about. I’ve been diligently taking notes since week 1 and though I haven’t implemented all of them, there’s really a lot of information to take in, I’ve started doing the easier stuff. I do at least one new thing every week. I plan on really going through my notes and working through every bit of it as soon as the course is over. I can’t believe it will be finished next week!


Hi creators!

I can’t believe these 12 weeks are over already!!! Tuesday night was the final training, but the replay will be up until next Tuesday 9/4. In it I go through a recap of all 12 weeks plus talk about some tools moving forward. Definitely check it out!

Here’s that original link if you’re not already registered:

Additionally, I’m hosting a free Social Media Masterclass this Saturday at 11am PST as an unofficial follow up to this course. It’s open to 50 registrants (and then I’ll be charging $25 a pop to get in after the first 50!) and you’ll get a replay - do feel free to join!

My focus right now is on my official launch of my biz on Oct 1st, but very quickly following I’m determined to open up a patreon account specific to providing affordable social media tools and education specific to creators =) Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Also, hope to see you at the Masterclass! (It’s a webinar :laughing:)



If you’ve not signed up for this, you’ll be missing out. I finished the 12 week course and there was so much NEW information for me. I was overwhelmed with social media marketing before and now feel like I’ve been clued in and have a solid plan going forward.


I’ll make a separate post for this but also wanted to share here - I’ve put together a free, five day Instagram “Bootcamp” for creatives, and would love to see some of the patreon community there!

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform out there and is the one that I get the most questions on.

So I’ve put together a free, five day Instagram “bootcamp” to help you build a badass instagram to grow more followers, get more likes and comments, attract your ideal clients, establish you as an expert or influencer, and more! Oh yeah, and to help drive traffic to your awesome patreon page too of course! :smiley:

You can find more details about the bootcamp, including each day’s topic, here:

I’ve really been so inspired lately to do more and more work helping to bring simplified social media, the tools to grow, and the mindset to have a healthy relationship with our online lives, specifically for creators! I’ve also received so much amazing feedback, and intend on starting a patreon specific to provide these tools and resources to more and more creators - stay tuned!

Jin aka The Business Model