Offering Free Social Media Training to Patreon Creators

Hello fellow Patreon creators!
I’ve recently launched a social media consulting business (not at all related to my creations here on Patreon), and I am going through the beta run of my signature 12 week “Ready Set Badass! Simplify your social media: Transform your life” program.

This program has a ton of features, but I’ve decided to open up the weekly live training sessions - for free! - to my fellow Patreon creators!

I’ll host these online, live, each Tuesday evening at 7pm PST. There will be a replay up, so if you’re not able to join live you can still catch the replay at your leisure =)

You can join here!

This is super beneficial to me as this is a beta run of the program, and I welcome and encourage your question and feedback so that I can better create content that is of the highest value - and I truly believe there will be a lot of great information for you as well!

Thank you patreon - I hope to see lots of you there!



Thanks so much for offering this. It’s always helpful to redefine or even get a reminder to look at my goals to make sure I’m on target.