Offering Merch that is relevant to my Patrons?

I would really love to use the merch feature, but i’d really love to offer item I choose, not the 6 that patreon let me choose for merch.

Sure, we can open yet another 3rd party optional site for our patrons to visit, but how many of these do we need to create ? I don’t know about other creators, but my patrons cant stand having to go to facebook, discord, patreon to do things - but we have to because the tools are so sorely lacking here. I fear that adding yet another optional site will just annoy people more and all I’m wanting to do is offer relevant merch to my patrons, ie things they can actually use for the craft they are supporting (for me, thats things like printing plastic, upgrade kits etc)

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Hey @Geoff, thanks for reaching out!
We hear you - opening an other third party site is not an ideal flow for your patrons. What merch items are you looking for, to offer your patrons?

As I said, things that are relevant to my patrons as anything else would probably be too obscure for you to be able to intergrate. Alternatively to what I could just do anyway and create a merch shopify (which only compounds the problem) is you guys have a micro store intergrated in our profiles, I actually thought thats’s what your Merch option was for! but lo and behold it was just a tiny handful of pre-set cliche’ type items.

I.e my patreon is based 100% around 3D printing, so I would like my merch to be able to reflect that, such as special plastic, printer kits, sure some basic merch like T-shirts but yeah, things that are not specific to probably many other patreons.

In a nutshell, in a nice way, I want the ability to offer what I want as merch, not what you want me to offer as merch.

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