Official Patreon Discord - Just For Creators!

Hey y’all! I went to a small session yesterday in San Francisco and met up with a few other patreon creators from other genres. We all thought it would be a good idea to create a Discord server just for creators to collaborate, motivate, and share tips!

I plan to create separate channels for different kinds of content creation, so you’ll be able to find folks you want to work with.

I rarely check forums but constantly use apps such as slack and IRC so discord works well for my life. If you might find this helpful, please feel free to join the server via that link above.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to meeting more creators!


Thanks @ShannonMorse!

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:wave:I wanted to give this thread a bump as Discord is a great tool for collaborating. Thanks for making it @ShannonMorse :slight_smile:

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I joined too!
And I’m spreading the word to all my fellow creators.