Older Posts Still Have Image Bug

I’ve reported this bug probably at least one or two years ago now? It was known at the time, many other creators were experiencing it as well, and it still seems to be around.

The issue: My earliest posts, for some reason, have all their images resized to be insanely small.

You can see what I mean here:

It’s not a super big deal in the grand scheme of things, since I would assume most people would care more about my recent posts than older ones, but I do have some resources and stock that are now unusable. If I also make any older posts public, it sort of defeats the purpose as well, since you can’t see anything. :confused:

Would appreciate any updated information on the progress of this bug. Thank you!

Hi @sambeawesome I looked at that link and I don’t see any of the images being small. However when I click on an image it becomes smaller. Could you maybe include a screenshot?

The images are extremely pixelated due to them being stretched to fit the post, because they were resized to be very small.

And in case it needs to be said, I did not upload them at this size. The original upload size was much larger.

Any update to this?

Hey @sambeawesome, I don’t have an updated but just wanted to follow up with you here and let you know I’m looking for one! Thanks for being patient and continuing to follow up.

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I really appreciate the communication, thank you! :slight_smile: