One Post - Multiple releases for the different tiers

Hey everyone,

well, my Patreon-concept includes different tiers, which all get early access at different times. The higher the tier, the earlier they have access to content I release… So, maybe the one or another already sees the issue.

Patreon only offers a kinda limited early access function for posts at the moment. You can select some tiers that gets the access first and after a while the post gets public. It lacks of all the possible steps inbetween. For example:

Highest Tier: Instant Access
Second-Highest Tier: Access 5 days later than highest tier
Second-Lowest Tier: Access 10 days later than highest tier
Lowest Tier: Access 15 days later than highest tier
Public: Access 30 days later than highest tier

And that’s the feature I want to request. Because I know there are some other creators who have similar concepts (and the issues that come with it). In my case this means, that I have to create basically the same posts again and again, which also includes uploading the same files, again and again to Patreon, which is not efficient at all. Neither in time-management, nor for the server capacities I suppose.

If it was possible to have a single post that can have multiple scheduled releases for the different tiers, that would be paradisiac for me and people with similar concepts.

Hopefully I could explain the issue good enough.


Just so you avoid bugs.

Highest Tier: 30 days
Public: Access 3650 days later than highest tier

Oh another one! Release one post to higest tier. But the lower tiers will only see the revision of the post that the creator selects!

So even more reason to use some sort of VCS.

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Hey @Conquestus - thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback! I hear you, it would be a lot more convenient to make one post and grant different tiers different types of access. Think this is a great idea that makes a lot of sense! I’ve taken note of this and will pass along to the team. :slight_smile:


Hey, well that’s wonderful news. I appreciate it! :nerd_face:

You can do this manually, sorta. Set it and publish to the highest tier. Then come back for your next access day and add the next tier and click the box (let your Patrons know of this change) before you save it. Do it again each time you wish to open the post to new Patrons. It’s definitely not as smooth as being able to set it and forget it, but it’s a work around option.

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Is that necessary? I know when I switched posts to public, people have gotten notified in the past without me doing anything. Would lower tier patrons have the same thing happen? Because I’d hate to spam the same post to people who had already seen it.

The new tier won’t get the notification email. And making a new post with the lower tier role will annoy the people that have already seen it. Not to mention that editing each post at specific dates and times is very manual and can’t be scheduled.