Open Enrollment for Health Care

Open Enrollment begins Nov 1!

It’s the one time of year you can enroll in or change your health insurance for next year. We know that finding the perfect health insurance plan can be scary and stressful, so we’ve partnered with Stride Health to help make that a little easier. Learn more here.


(A note to anyone not from the USA looking at this, it’s USA only.)


What a fantastic thing to do, guys, really good thinking! (Not in the USA – not feeling left out because universal health care – still relieved for US friends)


Stay healthy in 2020

We’ve partnered with Stride for another year to help creators find the best health insurance plan to get the most of their benefits. You have until Dec 15 to enroll in, or change your plan for next year. Learn more below!

This is a really cool idea! :smiley:

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