Option for creators to charge Bi-monthly and Quarterly membership

Patreons normally want a content update and content however depending on what your working on that is not possible games take longer than a month to make something of decent quality so subscribers do not sub then think oh I’m not getting anything from then and unsub fast also a monthly sub forces shotty work to deliver something in that short of a timeframe


There are annual memberships that are coming soon™ and currently available to a limited number of people. That might help your situation.

annual memberships charge for 12 months at a discount. anything like videogames the majority of patrons expect monthly releases to the games and creating a new build on a monthly basis can cause your work to be much less as you don’t have enough turnaround time than say a release every two to four months. It’s very easy to lose supporters as they expect something each month. Also, annual memberships can be too expensive for most people. What I proposing is to not just have either a one month or twelve-month billing cycle but have 2 months and 4 months one too

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As a writer, this would be very helpful to me too. I’m still new to Patreon, and trying to work out how best to do things, but my current model is to post chapters on free sites and link back to my Patreon where they can get the whole book instantly instead of being stuck with cliffhangers and waiting periods. I obviously can’t post an entire book every month though, so I’m in the same boat as you there.
Just to say that this suggestion would help a lot of creator categories.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your thoughts on memberships. We don’t currently have plans for bimonthly or quarterly memberships. That said, I know creating is not one-size-fits-all. I’m keeping your feedback in mind as the team explores ways to make membership more flexible for creators in all types of categories (an area that’s actively on our minds!)