Option to charge only certain tiers?

I see there was a request for this or something similar last spring, but can we please have the option in charge-per-creation posts to charge only certain tiers?
It is frustrating to have to charge all of them if I only want to release content for upper tiers only without charging or releasing it to the lower ones or vice-versa. I pretty much have to always have something planned for the highest tier in order to charge any patrons, which stunts the amount of content I release.
If there is already a way to charge individual tiers someone please let me know but so far it seems I have to charge everyone at the same time if I want to charge at all for anything.


I had that concern at some point too! sometimes you get some unforeseeable things to attend and can’t fulfill all rewards, but you still worked plenty. Pausing the campaign completely would be unfair to the creator, but supporters not getting their reward is unfair to them. There has to be a good way to resolve that.
What I did once, was refunding every supporter on the tier whose benefit I couldn’t finish. It was very slow but it kinda works, and sometimes they’re kind enough to reject being refunded because they still want to support you.