Orange and white, don't change a thing! Patreon's branding colors

Hi all! Purple Lantern Studio here! I’ve been a creator here since 2017 and have always been a big fan of the orange branding for the main logo. I don’t mind the small changes over time and find them to be readable and good for my brand.

This topic is less of a ‘please change something’ and more of a ‘I love what exists color-wise, please don’t change!’ I will explain:

There are a lot of sites out there rolling out ‘dark mode’ and dark colors in their branding because they claim it is more ‘professional’. Deviantart has a default ‘dark mode’ now when you aren’t logged in, and I dislike it immensely. People claim it is better on their eyes, but as a person who wears glasses of a high prescription and has a visual disability, it doesn’t work for me. It actually hurts my eyes.

There are many ways to adjust the lighting on your own personal devices, so I implore Patreon in advance, if you do end up rolling out ‘dark mode’, please do not make ‘dark mode’ the default mode in the future when you aren’t logged in.

I will also argue that it will not look good with everyone’s brand; white is more neutral. I like that there are theme color adjustments on personal pages, those who love their dark colors can work with that, and I hope it satisfies them.

I also wanted to add:
I noticed that Patreon just changed the ‘Community’ branding color to black, and on a purely esthetic level, I much preferred the orange. It was more consistent to the main logo, and it made me happy to see it.

So thanks Patreon Team for keeping your orange in your logo and white as your body color. I really appreciate it, and I love being a creator here! Hang Time was great yesterday, and I look forward to the next one. It was wonderful to actually see the faces of those who are helping me to illuminate in the world. :purple_heart: :dizzy:


I would also like to add, I was just on Instagram and noticed that Patreon went black for #blacklivesmatter and that is a different matter entirely! And if that is the reason for the change here as well, I’m all for it. :new_moon:


Thanks for reaching out, @purplelanternstudio. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.

Also so happy to hear you enjoyed Hang Time last week! Feel free to share any feedback you have about the show as well, over in this thread: Hang Time 2020

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