Order of notifications makes no sense

Now may not be the time for feedback on old features, but the new release got me poking around all over my account, so this came up. The order in which notifications appear is very strange. They’re not chronological (newest at the top) and that makes it very confusing. They seem to be arranged by kind but why? What is the rationale or usefulness of this? Right now, I have a comment dating from yesterday still occupying the top position, while two likes from today got shoved below it and grouped with an even older like. It does my head in. Can we have dumb notifications that are strictly chronological?


Bump this…and also would like the timestamps back on them…


Also, when you click “show more” on the notifications feed, it just repeats the top 5 most “recent” again…

unfortunately this has been an issue for quite a while indeed!

On the last day of May, one of my patrons departed. That notification has been stuck to the top of the page for all of June.

OK. I get it. I lost a patron. Shouldn’t today’s comments come before a two-week old reminder?

I also can’t easily see who liked my posts. Anyone else have this issue?

Yes, it takes quite a bit of clicking to find out.

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Agree 100%. It is very confusing.

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