Our Latest Round of Funding and What It Means For You

Hey creators,

I am incredibly excited to share with you that Patreon has just closed a Series C funding round of $60 Million. :tada:

When I joined Patreon over two years ago, we had a modest team of about twenty, whose commitment to helping creators get paid often surpassed our speed at which we were building tools for you to run your creative businesses.

We are now a team of 80 and are on track to send over $150 Million to over 50,000 financially active creators this year alone. We are gaining such incredible momentum and are eager to double this number in 2018.

We still have so much more work to do in order to achieve our mission of funding the creative class, and our latest round of funding will help us get there. We’ll use the finances to scale our team and quickly build the tools that you need most.

You can read the official announcement from Jack here.

I’m pretty sure that the “C” in Series C stands for “Creator” and I cannot wait to make you all proud.


This is very exciting! :smiley:

I saw this yesterday, this is HUGE! Well done, y’all, so excited for what is coming, and to watch it all grow grow grow!

Patreon has been such an opportunity for me. Every month I am both inspired and held accountable for creating when I’m less than inspired. I’ve done more art and been more consistently creating since joining. I am really excited to hear Patreon is prospering and growing. I look forward to the new tools and resources that are available as Patreon continues to grow. GO TEAM!


I like Patreon as a membership site…with some stiff competition from a lot of places. I hope Patreon keeps improving but I didn’t read anything in all these announcements to give me much hope. :frowning:

Thats so amazing!

What is it about Patreon that concerns you? My experience has been so massively positive overall, I’m interested to hear what worries you about it