Over 30% of patreons have left in past week or so. What changed?

I got an email saying that there were some changes to patreon, could this have caused it? Whats going on? We rely on this.

Our company cannot function without our patreons.


Look at some of the huge threads in this forum - Patreon announced that it would be raising prices to patrons on our behalf. $1 pledges will now cost patrons $1.38. In addition, it will be unbundling all payment processing so that patrons will be charged the flat payment processing fee for every single paid post, not just once per month. So patrons that support (e.g.) 20 patrons will see their charges rise by $7 just in per-post processing fees.

I’m not sure why Patreon thinks it should set prices on behalf of its creators, that seems a complete violation of trust.

But like if I had a $20 patron, they will still pay just like idk, $20.50 or something?

They pay $20.53 for that pledge.
If they pledge to 20 people for $1 each, they instead pay $27.59 for all those pledges.

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Well thats really dumb

I lost Patrons as well, because they are upset about all the fees. ffs.

Yep. I’m shedding a large chunk of the few patrons I have and it is this change that has caused it. Cheers Patreon. You really did think hard about how this would affect your actual customers - us.

Just to make certain you saw this, which came out earlier today:

Too late.

I want to thank patreon for sticking with their community through all the hate they are getting. They made a mistake and are learning from it. I don’t agree with hating patreon, they are still the best option out there for many people including myself.