Panel Workshop: The Lab | Grow Your Own Way - Wednesday, June 30th

We have a great event coming up next week that will be especially enticing to anyone interested in the Podcasting space. Details below!

A few times each year Patreon gathers creators for The Lab, an event series designed to discuss creative work, engaging with fans, and the unique challenges within your creative industry. Our next series is focused on the world of podcasting and you’re invited to join the conversation.

Join us Wednesday, June 30th for The Lab | Grow Your Own Way

starting at 3 PM PT // 6 PM ET

Register today!

Network deals and shiny brand sponsorships don’t have to define your success – creators have built chart-topping podcasts with and without them. We’ll hear how Dan Cummins from Timesuck with Dan Cummins, Lynze Cummins from Scared to Death Podcast, Jeffrey Cranor from Welcome to Night Vale, Andy Beckerman and Naomi Ekperigin from Couple’s Therapy turned their curiosities and perspectives into thriving podcasts with membership. Register today and learn how you can grow your own way.