Partial payouts

I’ve spoken with the support person about this, but would like to bring it up here as well. I would like to request the ability to request payout of a certain sum, not the full amount left on the balance.

Some creators (me included) are based in countries where Paypal and other payment processing companies impose restrictions on a single transaction. So once we are past a certain point in our monthly income, we have to start doing some dangerous and silly things, like monitoring the charging progress on the 1st of the month and requesting a payout just in time to not go over the transaction limit.

In fact, I myself am a bit uncomfortable of promoting my project further as I may hit the point where I will be over the limit even with a middle-of-the-day payout.

Now, I personally haven’t been in the situation when the payout is refused due to it being over the limit Paypal set for my country, but I have it on good authority that once it happens, that’s not much that we, the creators, can do about it. Apart from maybe incorporating in another country, but that’s… Not ideal.

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