Patrecon - the signup link for early registration was already expired

As noted in 2 reply emails, one twitter post, and now this - the link for early signup for Patrecon/LA/2018 was already expired when it appeared at the bottom of yesterday’s email.


Crickets so far from my reach out. Is there a fix?

Peggy Glenn
aka Granny PottyMouth

Hi there! I checked with the team and early bird tickets have now sold out, creator passes are still available. What email address did you reach out to? The PatreCon team haven’t received anything, if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to

I replied to the sending address within 5 minutes of receiving the email. BUMMER that it sold out that fast. Did you see the time code on it? Peggy

I need an org chart on where to send stuff - your entire communication system baffles me endlessly.


Is there a discount code to apply for the full pass? Or not? Thanks tons.


It looks like they must have sold out before the time ended! I’m not aware of any discount codes, but the team at know best :slight_smile: